Andy Stanley is Not Wrong, Just Misunderstood: Unhitching from the Old Testament Explained

Andy Stanley has a knack for being misunderstood. I like it. Largely because he exemplifies the ordinary struggle of good teaching pastors (despite being a popular Christian teacher). Andy appears to have big heart for Jesus, and as such, often pushes Christians to not get sidetracked into the religious enclave of Christian fundamentalism. Continue reading →

We Believe in Women Pastors, Just Not Enough to Hire Them: Why the PAOC’s Statement on Gender Equality is Significant

This past week the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada released a Statement of Affirmation Regarding Gender Equality in Leadership.

This is significant. Not because it highlights the need for gender equality within pastoral leadership (which is always important), but because it highlights the unwillingness of PAOC church culture to practice gender equality when considering senior pastoral candidates: Continue reading →

“The Walking Dead” And How We See The End Of The World

The end of the world has fixated humans for thousands of years. Everyone has an imaginative picture of how human history will close. Take The Walking Dead for instance, a television show, which on the surface is a show about zombies, but it is really a show about human mortality, morality, and the end of civilization. In the vein of most post-apocalyptic visions, it asks powerful existential question: what happens when culture erodes and civilization is destroyed? If you’ve watch the show, or other media like it, you’ll discover a fairly grim answer. Continue reading →