Episode 4: Fire and Brimstone Pt.2 – 3 Misconceptions About Hell

On this week’s episode of the Theologist Podcast, Dave examines three of the biggest misconceptions about Hell:

1 – Satan lives in Hell

2 – God sends people to Hell

3 – Hell is to be taken lightly

Find out how Dante’s Inferno has misled generations of Evangelicals into believing Hell is a mishmash of Greek/Roman mythology and Roman Catholic medieval imagination. We’ll also discuss such issues as pre-destination. It’s a packed show, so put on your sunblock as we dive into the infernal imagery of Hell.

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Episode 2: House Churches, Heresy, and Distinctives

Too hip for maga-churches? Not a fan of the Nicene Creed? Burn baby burn! This week David answers your questions on whether house churches are more Biblical, and whether your opinions on God are heretical. Make sure you invest in a pair floatation devices because you’ll need them.

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“The Walking Dead” And How We See The End Of The World

The end of the world has fixated humans for thousands of years. Everyone has an imaginative picture of how human history will close. Take The Walking Dead for instance, a television show, which on the surface is a show about zombies, but it is really a show about human mortality, morality, and the end of civilization. In the vein of most post-apocalyptic visions, it asks powerful existential question: what happens when culture erodes and civilization is destroyed? If you’ve watch the show, or other media like it, you’ll discover a fairly grim answer. Continue reading →